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Peer-reviewed articles

Brookhouse MT, Farrow R, Meyer J, McDougall K, Ward-Jones J, Wright GT (2024). Incidence and severity of Phoracantha-induced decline within high-elevation eucalypt woodlands are strongly associated with elevation and land management. Forest Ecology and Management, 561.


Bryant C, Ball MC, Borevitz J, Brookhouse MT, Carle H, Cunningham P, Davey M, Davies J, Eason A, Erskine JD, Fuenzalida TI, Grishin D, Harris R, Kriticos J, Midson A, Nicotra AB, Nshuti A, Ward-Jones J, Yau Y, Young O, Bothwell H (2024) Elevation-dependent patterns of borer-mediated snow-gum dieback are associated with subspecies' trait differences and environmental variation. Austral Ecology, 49.

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