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In 2021, the SOSnowgum group founded the The High-Country Dieback Network. The network fosters exchange between researchers and land managers with the aim of promoting development and uptake of effective responses to forest dieback in sub-alpine and high-plains ecosystems. Although the group is particularly focussed on snow-gum dieback, our partnership extends to phenomena including Monaro (Eucalyptus viminalis) and Blakely's red gum (E. blakelyi) dieback. 

The High-Country Dieback Network meets monthly to discuss current research progress in dieback research through;

  • fostering regular interaction between researchers, land managers and restoration practitioners.

  • providing a regular forum for updates on current dieback-focussed research programs.

  • creating a platform for presentation of proposed research, rehabilitation and restoration works.

Contact the network coordinator (Cal Bryant) with enquiries about the High-Country Dieback Network.

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