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Dieback seminar

Miss the snow-gum dieback seminar? Am looking for a way to share information on snow-gum dieback with your networks?

The Fenner seminar focussed on snow-gum dieback is available online via the ANU's media channel. Share widely...

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Membre inconnu
09 mars 2021

Hi, some friends and I have long been very keen entomological enthusiasts. The impact of the loss of snow gums above 1600 m is likely to extend to far more than the three species of Eucalyptus. I would suggest that, at the very least, many hundreds of species of invertebrates that depend directly or indirectly on the continued existence of a healthy snow gum woodland may go extinct, and very possible many already have. No-one will know about which species are threatened with extinction or have already been lost without a massive effort to find out, nor will we know about what further impact elsewhere will result from this trophic collapse. Please look me up on Facebook if you wish…

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